To practice tennis strokes a partner and a court are needed – not with a Tennis Partner available. Patents were taken out in 18 countries on the Tennis Partner attesting to its uniqueness. The Tennis Partner allows practice of all the basic tennis strokes in a space approximately one twenty eighth the size of a tennis court.


Every player’s successful serve requires the ball to have a path within a very small height variation. With quick manual adjustments fixing the Tennis Partner’s “Court” positioning, the demanding path can be intercepted* and the ball bounces back to the server. With only one (1) ball and a Tennis Partner the serve can be practiced, in a very small space, to perfection.

*Thru a comparable small height aperture created between the Tennis Partner’s “net” top and its rebound bar.

TENNIS PARTNER – Children, Teenagers and Adults

The “Court” of the Tennis Partner has a size of optimum dimensions for all age categories. Leg length do not. For best training results leg length should vary according to height of the user. The Tennis Partner comes with leg length designed for average adult height. All of the same length, these steel legs* can be cut incrementally, by trial and error, to obtain optimum length for child or teenager.

*Standard size tubing